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Certificate for ECO-label:New export channel for domestic te


It reported that 2008 version of £Ï£å£ë£ï£­£Ô£å£ø £Ó£ô£á£î£ä£á£ò£ä £±£°£° has taken effective.crowning certificate of ECO-label becomes a new method for many garment enterprises to enhance their competition under trade globalization climate.
2008 version of £Ï£å£ë£ï£­£Ô£å£ø £Ó£ô£á£î£ä£á£ò£ä £±£°£° is edited by International Environmental Textiles Association who has considered about the market condition and development trend of international textile products and also combined the law changes of different areas in the world.the edited content mainly includes harmful chemical range and limited content.
The test subject of £Ï£å£ë£ï£­£Ô£å£ø £Ó£ô£á£î£ä£á£ò£ä £±£°£° now covers more than 100 test parameter, which includes not only some potential harmful chemicals ,but also harmful ones that damage health. The main change of new version standard includes: formaldehyde limited content changed from 20ppm to 16ppm; 6 organic pesticides that contain chlorine are banned in the pesticide list; the bioactivator used in level 4 textiles now are banned for all level textiles; asbestos fiber is listed as ¡° banned fiber ¡°.
£Ï£å£ë£ï£­£Ô£å£ø £Ó£ô£á£î£ä£á£ò£ä £±£°£° aims to test the subjects of PH value, formaldehyde, pesticides,heavy mental and harmful dye content in textiles. It also regulates different limited contents of chemicals and dye according to different product category.
Experts in Inspection and Quarantine bereau said, there are various labels on exported garment ,such as price label,brand label,size label,content label,care label ,ECO-label,etc. ECO-label are gradually accepted worldwide for its unique quality and function. Therefore, receiving certificate of ECO-label may become a new channel for many exporting garment enterprises.
Related person in Zhongshan Inspection and Quarantine bereau reminded that, £Ï£å£ë£ï£­£Ô£å£ø £Ó£ô£á£î£ä£á£ò£ä £±£°£° is an authority ECO-textiles standard in global textiles field. Many large size enterprise purchaser in European and American countries regard £Ï£å£ë£ï£­£Ô£å£ø £Ó£ô£á£î£ä£á£ò£ä £±£°£° as technical basis for purchasing products. products by this Certification will enjoy a good reputation of ¡°confident textile products¡±.
All manufacturers and distributors related to textiles can apply certificattion of £Ï£å£ë£ï£­£Ô£å£ø £Ó£ô£á£î£ä£á£ò£ä £±£°£°.this includes manufacturers and distributors who deal with fiber , yarn, accessories, garment ,dye process and other business. The application of certificattion should be summited to the member organization of international environmental textiles association.the process of making the application is quite easy,under the guide of the certification organization, one can make it smoothly.
For garment manufacturers,the ideal way to apply the certification is to build a ECO-textiles suppliers chain of fabric,cotton,button,zipper and other main accessories .it could not only reduce the cost ,but also share the responsibility of quality control with suppliers.
International £Ï£å£ë£ï£­£Ô£å£ø¡¡£Á£ó£ó£ï£ã£é£á£ô£é£ï£î£á is founded by German Hainsten research certer and Austrian textiles research center. It ¡®s made up of 12 well-known textile identification organization , which distributes in China,Belgum,South Africa,U.K ,U.S and other April,1992, this association worked out a scheme of £Ï£å£ë£ï£­£Ô£å£ø £Ó£ô£á£î£ä£á£ò£ä £±£°£°.

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