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Safety level for garment : check ECO-labels


Last year, The administrative department of industry and commerce and Quality Control Department in Haerbin city made random inspection for six times . product test includes babywear,knitted garment,underwear,jeans,woolen clothing, and seasonal clothing . it adds up to over 1000 batches, 300 of which is substandard. The main problems for the products are substandard component content , formaldehyde, Exceed standard of pH value,non-quality standard,etc.consumers now pay more attention to clothing safety and it¡¯s environmental aspect.
In the survey, reporters found that most people donot know that clothing has safety level. The basic safety and technical standard of national textiles products divides three levels for the safety ranks :A,B,C . Being as second human skin ,the garment content is closely related to health. Level A garment are suitable for direct skin contact,Level B for skin contact,Level C not suitable for skin contact.
Always ignore garment safety standard
There are potential harm to human for the substandard garment .according to the survey, Ph value problem is the most serious one exsiting in everypone knows that, various dyes, agents need to be added in the process of printing and dyeing . however,most people donot know that ,when the remains of the chemicals exceed certain standard, it will do great harm to human skin.
When wearing clothes that contained formaldehyde , the formaldehyde will mix with the perspiration ¡£then it will cause irratating allergy to human skin. Exports says, the clothing PH value shoud be better close to human skin PH value . the fuel dyes being used in the textiles process of dyeing may change the PH value . if the PH is exceedingly high, it will cause allergy to skin ,such as rash and blister , irritative dermatitis,etc.
some medical staff remind that ,when buying clothes ,they should pay more attention to the textiles with specail scent ,such as mouldy odour, gasoline, fishlike smell, aromatic hydrocarbons. It shows that some excessive chemical elements existed in textiles has made chemical or biologic change.
On current garment market, it will add some new materials every year.
Reporters found that in the brand sales area,some manufacturers note the textiles elements with some ambiguous name like¡± super silk¡±, ¡°nanometre fibre¡± .consumers are confused by those strange clothing . in ¡° textile and garment using guide ¡° of national compulssory standard, it regulates that textile and garment products should note the material name and content clearly .however,many manufacturers ignore this regulation and bloast off the common materials in order to attract more consumers.
In the regulation of national basic satety standard of textiles and garment ,there are two main pollutions from garment : one is that, during the growth of the plants for garment fabric , pesticide, chemical fertilizer, and herbicide are used to control pest damage. The remains of these chemical elements may cause skin allergy , respiratory disease and even cancer. The other is that, during processing and producing , chemicals like catalytic agent, fire retardant, whitening fluorescer,etc left on textiles and cause pollution to garment again. The resin with  formaldehyde also may cause pollution in the reshaping process.
Check ECO-labels when choosing clothes
Some experts say that garment label will test your clothing safy level. In the regulation of national basic satety standard of textiles and garment, all the clothes on market , the hangtag ,label and use introduction should note with product catagery clearly. The label information is banned to write by hand or any edit.
Related person in municipal technical supervision bureau said, on the current market, there are only two kinds of labels¡ªECO fibre symbol and natural fibre symbol-- are strictly requested for the use range,brand name,use limited time and quantity . it must pass through strict approval if apply to these two symbols. The products must be checked and random test.
The test projects include: formaldehyde,heavy metal, insecticide, color fastness, volatile material, odour and so on. Other performances such as washing shrinkage, lousiness and elasticity are requested to follow the standard.moreover,if an enterprise use two kinds of labels ,the national firbre inspection bureau should be monitor its all activity.
Someone reminds consumers that, the logo of ECO fibres label is made of woven etamine with tree shape. The logo of natural firbre design consists of two letters ¡°N¡±,¡±P¡±. Consumers should look at the logos carefully and pay more attention to environmental safety especially buying underwear garment.


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